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Purchase the whole collection (all 5) Dumforter ‘In the Wild’ Soother, Teether and Comforters as a set

Zsa Zsa Zebra


A beautiful animal black and white
A stunning coat of unique stripes
Impatient and social, wild and free
My home is the grasslands, come find me

Zsa Zsa Zebra’s taking a little well-earned break, but don’t worry she’ll be back real soon. Pre-order your Zsa Zsa now for early September arrival…

Gerry Giraffe


Graceful, smart, confident and tall
Elegant, good looking, towering above all
Likes open spaces, space to move free
Rainforests, warm sunshine are perfect for me

Gerry Giraffe has taken a few weeks to visit his family back in Africa, but don’t worry he’ll be back real soon as we know he’ll be missing his little babies.. click here to pre-order now, he can’t wait to see you!

Terry Tiger


I roam, I roar, I’m powerful and strong
Yet calm and emotional, so don’t’ get me wrong
Black and reddish stripes, a beautiful sight
Not always easy to see, more active at night

Ellie Elephant


Open, decisive, patient and wise
Grey wrinkly skin, with sad looking eyes
Wise and strong, kind and good
I eat many things, I just love my food

Pepper Panda


Looks for food at night, sleeps in the day
Gentle in strength, loves to play
Likes solidarity, and being alone
A wet bamboo forest for my home

Our launching range ‘in the wild’ has five wild animals to choose from. We have purposely selected five of your babies and toddlers most loved animals, each with their very own personality, to truly help bring their Dummies and Comforters to Life. It’s so sweet to see in all your pictures and videos how much they like to talk and play with them, it’s so cute 


Introducing dumforTED £24.99 

​Giving up a dummy isn’t always easy, I know how hard it was for my little girl, but we hope that their dumforTED® and story book will make the journey just that bit easier for your little one, and you!

dumforTED® has a special clip on the back of his neck for your little one’s favourite comforters, so whilst they won’t have their dummy, they’ll always have that little bit of comfort, from when they were a baby, with them.

Pre-order now and you’ll be first on the list to receive TED when he arrives in about early September

For £24.99 you will receive dumforTED, his special story book also includes all postage and packaging.

That’s not my zebra…

That’s not my giraffe…

That’s not my tiger…

That’s not my panda…

Taller and Shorter

Get your favourite character as a digital print!

Dumforter ZsaZsa Zebra print
Zsa Zsa

Print £3.99

Dumforter Gerry Giraffe print

Print £3.99

Dumforter Terry Tiger print

Print £3.99

Dumforter Ellie Elephant print

Print £3.99

Dumforter Pepper Panda print

Print £3.99

In the wild collection prints

1 of each £15

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Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

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