Terry Tiger

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Terry Tiger, a 3-in-1 fully characterised Soother, Teether, Comforter, giving your Baby and Toddler all the comfort and snuggles they need in their early years.

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Product dimensions

Soother width: 54.8mm
Soother height: 41.3mm (to top of ears)
Soother depth: 44mm (teat to end of nose)
Teat length: 26.9mm


Dummy / Soother and Teat – Silicon
Comforter – Front Panel 100% Polyester, Back Panel 100% Cotton

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Dumforter Terry Tiger print
Digital Print £3.99

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13 reviews for Terry Tiger

  1. Harley (verified owner)

    Loving Terry in our household. Terry is the perfect comforter and soother for those nasty teeth and gums. The print is lovely, very bold and bright definitely an amazing tiger print. Terry has brought so much love, excitement and laughter to our little Edee-Rae. Can’t wait to add to the family 🥰

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Harley, I love how Terry’s earned himself a place in your household already, it’s like he’s become another member of your gorgeous family, I love it and the fact that he’s brought love, excitement and laughter to your home too with your little Edee-Rae, is just amazing. Have the most amazing day. Sent with love and gratitude, we’re so very grateful to have you find us. Johanne x

  2. Alison Gomersall (verified owner)

    A little bit of magic for moms, and their little ones. Terry is terrific – a well made little character that has such attention to detail. My little boy Arthur has only ever used one kind of teat, but has really taken to Terry – giving him a good chomp when his gums need relief from first signs of teething. The dummy & comforter aspect help provide a 3 in 1 solution; Terry is snuggly & soothing too, genius! The only problem you’ll have is choosing which one to buy next.

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Alison, what a kind review, thank you! We’re so happy to hear that gorgeous little Arthur has taken to his #terrytiger especially as he was only ever used to one kind of teat. We absolutely love sharing this journey with you both, and appreciate you taking the time to share your personal view and opinion on our little creation, we truly hope it’ll help many others when making their decision. Have the most amazing day, Johanne xx

  3. Shannon

    My beautiful baby boy absolutely loves his Terry. He won’t accept any other dummy due to being breastfed, and during these awful teething times, we are so thankful dumforters are able to give him some relief. 🙂

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Shannon, this means so much to hear this, it was so important to us to create something that complemented breast-feeding, so to hear that for you, and your gorgeous little boy, we’ve achieved that, is just amazing. We’re so glad he loves his Terry. Sending you both so much love, Johanne x

  4. Amelie White (verified owner)

    It took literally 5 minutes for Lou (5months old) to adopt Terry and in a couple of weeks they have become best pals! We now take Terry along all his little adventures, even in the bath! It has helped greatly through the teething hurdles as well as self soothing in seconds. Also, just how cute does it look?! We’re big fans! ❤️

    • JohanneHolman

      We love that little Lou took to Terry so easily, and that he’s found a little pal in him too, that’s so sweet. Sounds like Lou’s Terry is one very lucky Tiger, going out on adventures and joining in the bath-time fun, amazing, but most of all, if it’s helped with the self-soothing and teething, that’s what truly makes us happy. Have the most amazing day Amelie, Johanne x

  5. Mary-Jane (verified owner)

    Can I just take the time to say thank you for the amazing products you have created. Terry tiger has honestly been amazing since he arrived today I’ve had a rough week with Rory teething and constantly fighting sleep. Terry tiger has arrived and I’m not joking he loves it and he has settled so well with it and he hasn’t been fighting the sleep. He’s had a couple of naps holding onto his comforter. We are so excited to be a part of this journey with you and thank you again for this amazing product ❤️💙 xx

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Mary-Jane, can I just take the time to say thank you to YOU!!! We really are so very grateful for this amazing feedback. I wanted to create something special for the precious little people of the world, something exciting, something new, but most of all something super comforting, so comments like this, really do make my day, as hearing that Rory is loving his #terrytiger dummy, and that he’s not fighting his sleep, therefore making things a little easier for Mum too, is just amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for discovering us, we are so grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you. Have the most amazing day, Johanne x

  6. Lottie (verified owner)

    I purchased terry and Ellie for my 5 week old, he had just started to grab things and use his comforter so I thought this product would be great! And it is, we love them and customer service is outstanding

    • JohanneHolman

      Morning Lottie, 5 week’s old… how absolutely gorgeous, and thank you. Thank you so much for joining us on our little journey, we’re so grateful to be sharing it with you both. Have THE most amazing day, Johanne x

  7. Helen knight (verified owner)

    We love these dumforters we have 3 of the collection so far and will be ordering the others.
    They are so cute and the comforter part is so so soft and quiet large too.
    A defo must have for any mummy and baby.

  8. Lyndsey Williams (verified owner)

    My son Jude (7months) is right in the middle of a teething episode, usually he is very inconsolable and I feel physically and mentally drained where he desires nothing more than constant cuddles and attention. We’ve had the pleasure of Terry the Tigers company for ten hours and it has been absolute bliss!! Jude has settled with his new friend lovely, even had a nap and mummy caught up on some much needed time for herself! He has just gone to bed and again settled immediately into a deep sleep. I’m now just going to sit down and chill out!! Thank you for making this time so much easier, I can’t recommend these dumforters enough- I wish I could have given more stars xx

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Lyndsey, how are you? Thank you so so much for taking the time to complete a review for us, we’re so happy to hear that #terrytiger is already working his magic in just the 10 hours since he joined your family. I remember the painful days (for mum and for baby) of teething, and nothing makes me happier than to hear that our little dumforter is helping both you and Jude with that… little tip – pop the dummy part into the fridge for a short period, then give that to Jude, the cool silicon will be amazing on his sore little gums. Lyndsey, thank you, we’re so grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you, Johanne x

  9. Faye (verified owner)

    If I could give more stars I would! What a beautiful product this is! Terry is my little mans go to when hes sad , stressed, teething etc! He literally LOVES him! I have never come across such a well made product with so many uses! From the blankie which is mega soft to the bumps on the dummy to help teethe ! We love everything about Terry and cant wait to keep following your brand for any future releases we can add to our collection!!!

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Faye, that’s so cute, maybe we could push for more stars, Dubai managed to do it with hotel’s .. so maybe you’ve just set me my next big business goal and challenge!! 🙂 Thank you so very much for taking the time to share yours, and of course your little man’s thoughts on his #terrytiger, we are honestly so happy to hear that he is helping your little one through times of sadness, stress and the horrible teething stage. We are so truly grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you both, have the most amazing day, full of lots of #dumforterfun, Johanne x

  10. Beth (verified owner)

    Terry tiger is our first dumforter and Rory (1 year old) absolutely loves him!! He loves that he can chew on it and then use it as a dummy again and the blanket he loves rubbing on his face to help him get to sleep. You are definitely a genius these are such lovely inventions and the customer service is amazing too!! Absolutely nothing bad to say about dumforter so if your thinking about purchasing definitely do it, you will not be disappointed!!

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Beth, Thank you so so much for taking the time to drop a little review, we love to hear what our Customers, and their Mummas of course think about us. We are delighted that your gorgeous Rory is loving his Terry Tiger and that he’s worked out he can chomp, suck, snuggle and chew on it. We are so proud and excited to be sharing this special journey with you both, and hope that Terry brings Rory a whole lot of #dumforterfun. Have the most amazing day, Johanne x

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Beth, Thank you so so much for taking the time to complete a review for us. We are truly delighted that your gorgeous Rory is loving his #terrytiger and that he’s worked out he can suck, chew, and comfort himself with it, I love the fact that he rubs his little face to help him get to sleep.. so sweet. We’re so grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you, Johanne x

  11. Louise (verified owner)

    Terry the tiger has been so good for my son who is 14 weeks old. He took well to Terry, and as soon as I saw these it was a no brainer. I loved the whole idea of a dummy, comforter (both my sons have took to a blanket) and a teether. Tommy has enjoyed Terry for a good week now and he loves the dummy to help him be soothed and he loves to chew on him too. The comforter we are working on but I have found it to be a brilliant dummy clip and have seen Tommy grab it and rub it on his face as it is so soft to touch.

    • JohanneHolman

      My gorgeous Louise, for many reasons, and only you will know why, I’m so grateful to have you discover our little business. We are delighted to know that Terry has settled in nicely to his new home and that Tommy has taken to him so well. Thank you for taking the time to make this review, it really does mean the world to us. Have a great day, Johanne x

  12. Nicole

    We’ve had Terry home for 2 days now, he was originally meant for my younger son (4 months old) however my older son (1 year) has decided he absolutely loves it! He will not go anywhere without it. Terry s comfort blanket is so soft on my boys skins and the soother is shaped like a TT soother so both boys have taken to it so easy!

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Nicole,
      How lovely that your older Son decided he loved it too, that’s soo cute. We’re delighted that Terry has settled in well with his gorgeous new family, and we wish you all the most amazing Christmas together, Johanne x

  13. Maddy Smithson

    We recieved Terry the Tiger today and I am amazed!!
    My son doesnt take to new dummies at all, but as soon as I gave it to him he was smiling, chucking (he is 6 months) he loved it!! I think all the bright colours made him happy! The comforter itself is so soft and just beautiful material, the dummy is perfect size, you can use it from birth too! I am just so happy, you can tell this has been made with so much thought and love and I feel very lucky I am able to have one of these!! They all look so beautiful and I cannot wait to add to my collection!!
    Thankyou for making such an amazing perfect product for all our babies!! All us parents are forever grateful!! (Finally NO more dummies getting lost!!!)
    Just cannot reccomend enough!! Thankyou, you should be so proud just the most amazing products!!

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Maddy,
      Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave us this lovely review, I love the fact that your gorgeous Baby Ashton has taken to Terry, and that it is making him smile. I’m loving too that Terry’s getting some play-fun being thrown around too :), it sounds like he’s joined the perfect family.
      We are so grateful to know that Ashton is a happy #dumforterbaby and look forward to sharing more of his journey with you.
      Have the most amazing Christmas, Johanne x
      PS – what would you like to see next for Ashton, we know he’s not going to need a dummy forever…?! 🙂 xx

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