Pepper Panda

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Pepper Panda, a 3-in-1 fully characterised Soother, Teether, Comforter, giving your Baby and Toddler all the comfort and snuggles they need in their early years.

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Product dimensions

Soother width: 54.8mm
Soother height: 35.7mm
Soother depth: 43.7mm (teat to end of nose)
Teat length: 26.9mm


Dummy / Soother and Teat – Silicon
Comforter – Front Panel 100% Polyester, Back Panel 100% Cotton

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14 reviews for Pepper Panda

  1. Sophie Rickett (verified owner)

    My daughter absolutely loves her pepper she is glued to her. Not even sure how I coped without it beforehand. She has been cutting teeth since 3 months so to know you have this little beauty as a teether as well while your out and about just puts your mind at rest it’s everything all at once and so worth the money. Thank you dumforter for this little bit of magic xx

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Sophie, It’s so lovely to hear that #pepperpanda is working her magic for your beautiful little girl, teething can be such a painful thing for Mum and Baby. To hear that it’s helping your little lady and she’s formed a little bond with a new little friend is just lovely. We’re so truly grateful to have you both now part of our little #dumforterfamily. Have the most amazing day, Johanne x

  2. Darcy (verified owner)

    Pepper Panda was the first dumforter I purchased and my son absolutely loved it! Before I purchased this dummy he actually didn’t take to orthodontic dummies but now he prefers them over his old ones, I don’t know if it’s a pure coincidence or if it’s just the dumforters!! Anyway, we loved them so much we have purchased two more (Gerry and Zsa Zsa) and I’ll probably continue until I’ve got the whole collection! They’re such cute designs and the comforters are ridiculously soft and cosy. Not to mention the lovely Johanne, her customer service skills are flawless, just a genuinely kind and beautiful lady. Can’t wait for more designs in the future.

    • JohanneHolman

      Aww Darcy, you are really are so sweet, review’s like this really do touch me, if you could have seen my face when I read it!! We’re delighted that Enzo loves his #pepperpanda so much that you then went to get him #gerrygiraffe and #zsazsazebra. Mummy’s like you really do make all the difference to businesses like ours, and we (I in fact) are really grateful to you. Have THE most amazing day, full of lots of #dumforterfun, Johanne x

  3. Helen knight (verified owner)

    We love these dumforters we have 3 of the collection so far and will be ordering the others.
    They are so cute and the comforter part is so so soft and quiet large too.
    A defo must have for any mummy and baby.

  4. Gemma Chawner (verified owner)

    We love Pepper!
    We now own 3 and my daughter took to them instantly.
    You won’t find a company who cares as much about babies as Dumforter do. They have the most exceptional customer service.! Johanne really takes pride in her customers and the Dumforters themselves x

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Gemma, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of mine and my family’s heart for joining us on this journey, for investing and believing in Dumforter, and for being so kind and generous with your words. We are truly grateful to have you and your beautiful daughter sharing this exciting journey with us, sent with love, Johanne x

  5. Mia (verified owner)

    These dumforters are amazing and would highly recommend to anyone that ones to help their little ones with teething and with comforting! Luna-Ivy loves hers and we can’t wait for a new collection!

    • JohanneHolman

      Morning Mia, we’re loving watch beautiful Luna-Ivy grow, and are so grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you both. We’re delighted that she’s loving her little #pepperpanda and that she’s finding comfort with him through those challenges of teething. Have a wonderful day, Johanne x PS – Did somebody mention new collection…?! 🙂

  6. Michelle (verified owner)

    My little girl has to have something over her ears while she sleeps.
    This is why her dumforter is perfect for us. She can suck on her dummy while the soft fabric is giving her the extra comfort she needs. I highly recommend and the customer service is exceptional.

    • JohanneHolman

      Morning Michelle, we’re so happy and grateful to hear that you feel our Customer Service is exceptional, but even more happy to hear that Dumforter is giving your gorgeous little lady everything she needs to help her sleep, that’s so cute that she likes to have something over her ears whilst sleeping! We look forward to seeing lots of gorgeous pics on Instagram. Have the most amazing day, Johanne x

  7. Katie (verified owner)

    My little girl has been attached to her dummy and comforter since she was small , and trying to find both in the night is hard. , I was attracted to Dumforter as it’s both her comfort items in one product! When Bella saw the boxes she was so excited and picked pepper the panda to open first. She loved it and spent the day carrying it around with her on her adventures. I love how soft the comforter is, it feels well made with high quality materials and the packaging and delivery was perfect and speedy . We can’t wait to get the whole set and have many more adventures with our new friends!

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Katie,
      My little girl was a dummy and comforter girl too, and actually that’s how and why Dumforter started, we wanted to create an ultimate all-round comforting product that didn’t make those night time’s so hard, the ‘hunt the dummy in the dark’ thing, is just not a fun game, not for baby, or Mummy. It’s so cute that Bella got to choose which one she’d like to open first, and all I can say is lucky lucky ‘Pepper’! I hope he’s bringing her a whole lot of #dumforterfun. We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you, have a great day Katie, Johanne x


    Someone recommended dumforter to us after weeks of teething and no sleep I was ready to try anything. I am so glad I did, I wouldn’t look back I have purchased another 2 products now. My son loves them he took to them straight away which surprised me because he had only ever liked another brand of dummy before. He uses this all the time the comfort blanket is so soft and he loves the teething element of the dummy!

    • JohanneHolman

      Morning Kate, whoever recommended you to Dumforter, we’d love to say thank you to them and thank you to you. We’re delighted that your Son is loving them, sounds like you’re well on your way to having the entire first collection. We are so grateful to have you join our little #dumforterfamily. With love, Johanne

  9. Shannon Morar (verified owner)

    I’m a breastfeeding mamma, and my little one is very fussy and wouldn’t take a dummy. However, he adores his Pepper Panda, he’s just started teething so he also loves to bite on Pepper’s ears 🙂 the comforter is so soft. We absolutely love dumforter. Super cosey and comforting for my bub.

    • JohanneHolman

      Thank you Shannon, so much, for sharing your comments. Nothing makes us happier than to know that we’ve created yet another happy #dumforterbaby. We’re truly loving sharing your precious journey with you. Have a great day, Johanne x

  10. Chelsea (verified owner)

    We absolutely love dumforter! It’s dummy is the only style dummy my little one likes and the comforter is so soft. Top fans of pepper panda here, thank you xx

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Chelsea.
      We’re are delighted to hear that you are loving your Dumforter, and have become top fans of our little #pepperpanda. We hope he’s bringing your little one lots and lots of #dumforterfun.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with a review, it really is appreciated.
      Have a wonderful day,
      Johanne x

  11. Shannen Grady (verified owner)

    Pepper has settled in nicely to our little family. Harrison absolutely loves pepper just as much as he does Gerry. He’s now starting use his dumforters to their full use. We’re working our way into having the full set because we love them that much x

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Shannen,
      I remember your gorgeous little Harrison at one time being our very youngest #dumforterbaby when you first adopted #gerrygiraffe, and the fact that you have had #pepperpanda join your little family as well now, we really are so very grateful. We’re delighted that Harrison’s loving his new friends and very much look forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you and watching your gorgeous young man grow.
      Have a wonderful day,

  12. Lauren &Ronan (verified owner)

    Safe to say that Ronan absolutely loves his pepper panda dumforter! The quality is amazing and I would definitely be buying more in the future! Every night he snuggles into the comforter and settles straight away . Johanne is such a lovely woman with amazing customer service! Would 1000% recommend dumforter! ❤️

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Lauren, what can I say other than ‘thank you’ and oh my goodness how beautiful is Ronan. We are delighted he’s loving his Pepper Panda Dumforter, and the fact that he snuggles into the comforter each night and can settle straight away is so satisfying and rewarding to hear, as the comfort in our design, and in our service in fact, was the number one consideration.
      We absolutely love following you and your little ones journey’s on Instagram, and look forward to some exciting times ahead.
      Have a lovely weekend, thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts, we really do appreciate it.
      Johanne x

  13. Emma Leeke

    Well it’s safe to say that the Dumforter is a huge hit! Being a snuggle bunny, my son that is, I was sure it would be but his little face! When he has Peppa in his hands to snuggle and then realise he can also have Peppa as a soother made his little Christmas. Johanne, you have made our day, with his little teeth giving him so much stick at the moment, he is finding so Much comfort in Peppa that it’s just lovely ❤️. This is one of my most favourite purchases for Christmas and Sonnys too. I know a few asked me to let you know if he found switching teat styles OK, well my answer would be yes and if you have a snuggle bunny baby then I would highly recommend this wonderful creation from the super wonderful Johanne and team.

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Emma,
      Thank you so much for sharing Sonny’s happiness with Pepper with us, teething can be sooo mean to our little ones, I’m just delighted to hear that Pepper is helping, in some way, to ease the pain!! xx
      We are very grateful to you for taking the time to pop a review on our website, it’s really appreciated. I’m also very grateful to see the lovely pics you’ve been posting on Instagram of him using it as a soother, teether and comforter, he literally is the perfect model for us :), and I look forward to sharing them on my feed over the coming days.
      We hope you had the most amazing Christmas, and wish you a Very Happy New Year Emma
      with love, Johanne xx

  14. Lyla & Ezekiel

    I was a little worried about having a breastfed baby as we all know you don’t want to confuse them but he’s been absolutely perfect! No issues with latching at all, he loves to scrunch things as he’s drifting and this has been amazing! He’s been holding it all night, scrunching it & when he wakes he’s been using it as a comforter, it’s an amazing product & they look lovely too.

    It’s been a hit in this household with my second and I wish something like this existed with my first child! Pepper Panda has made a difference in our household already.

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Lyla,
      Thank you sooo much for taking the tine to share your thoughts on our new little dumforter’s, we are so happy to hear that Pepper Panda is making a difference to your household and that little Ezekiel has taken to him and been holding him all night.. that’s just so sweet 🙂
      We are really grateful to have you join our #dumforterfamily and wish you and your family, the most amazing Christmas and New Year.
      Sending you so much love, Johanne x

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