Gerry Giraffe

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Gerry Giraffe, a 3-in-1 fully characterised Soother, Teether, Comforter, giving your Baby and Toddler all the comfort and snuggles they need in their early years.

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Product dimensions

Soother width: 54.8mm
Soother height: 41.3mm (to top of ears)
Soother depth: 43.7mm (teat to end of nose)
Teat length: 26.9mm


Dummy / Soother and Teat – Silicon
Comforter – Front Panel 100% Polyester, Back Panel 100% Cotton

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Dumforter Gerry Giraffe print
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17 reviews for Gerry Giraffe

  1. Harley (verified owner)

    I purchased two dumforters, one being Gerry. Both me and my daughter were extremely excited for their arrival. The design is perfect and definitely a 3 in 1 product. Edee-Rae is 18 months old and still loves a dummy for comfort, she took to a comforter when she was little but as she grew older she wasn’t bothered but with these she loves a good snuggle. Dumforters win for naps.

    • JohanneHolman

      Good Morning Harley, I just hope that #gerrygiraffe hasn’t been stealing too many of your snuggly cuddles!!! We’re so happy that yourself and Edee-Rae are loving the product, and thank you so very much for allowing us to share this precious journey with you. Have an amazing day, Johanne x

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    My 4 month old baby Adelynn has never taken a dummy. And with breastfeeding I wanted her to take one for comfort (if you know, you know) she would not take any other dummy at all. We received Gerry today and she has taken straight to it and even went down for a nap!! How AMAZING x I’m honestly so happy with my purchase that I’ve had to order two more x Gerry can’t be lonely now can he. And a teether and comforter on top of such beauty I mean you couldn’t ask for more x Genius x thanks again Johanne

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Amy, it’s genuinely so lovely to hear that Baby Adelynn has taken to our Dumforter’s straight away, I know that you purchased this in hope that she would, or if not, in reserve for eventual baby number 4.. I love that! We’re delighted that Adelynn settled so well, so much that you chose to purchase two more the day Gerry arrived, I don’t think there could be a better testimonial for our product than that. Thank you so very much for taking the time to complete a review, we’re so glad to have you discover us. Have the most amazing evening, with love, Johanne x

  3. Roxanne (verified owner)

    Gerry giraffe is my personal favourite as I love the colours. My 5 month old daughter Mia loves the teething element of the Dumforter. The comfort blanket is so amazingly soft and washes really well too. The Dumforters come in really lovely packaging and would make a great gift for a mum and/or baby too!

    • JohanneHolman

      I love that Mums are starting to have a favourite Dumforter now too, creating the characters and their personalities was probably one of my most fun part of starting the business. In fact, I’m just working on the next range now, and I can’t wait for Mia to see it. Thank you so much for discovering us and of course taking the time to do a review, it really is appreciated. With love, Johanne x

  4. Darcy (verified owner)

    Love love love Gerry!! Honestly I love them all but Gerry is probably my favourite (so far) but what does my opinion matter? My son loves them all equally haha! He loves to hold the comforter to get him to sleep during nap times and he’s never without one of his dumforters! Not only are they amazing for soothing babies, they’re definitely stylish too!

    • JohanneHolman

      Aww, Darcy, we are so happy to hear how much your Son (and you :)) are loving your #gerrygiraffe and the fact that it’s comforting your gorgeous little man during his nap times, is just amazing. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how #gerrygiraffe has settled into his new home, we hope he brings you all lots of #dumforterlove and fun xx

  5. Helen knight (verified owner)

    We love these dumforters we have 3 of the collection so far and will be ordering the others.
    They are so cute and the comforter part is so so soft and quiet large too.
    A defo must have for any mummy and baby.

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Helen, Thank you so so much for taking the time to complete a review, I know and appreciate how precious time is as a mummy, especially (and I can’t imagine this) to a Mummy of 5!. We’re so grateful to be sharing this journey with you and your gorgeous family, have THE most amazing day, Johanne x

  6. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Charlie couldn’t wait to get the box open he must of sensed. Something special 🦒 soon as I gave him Gerry he smiles put the dummy in and started to cuddle up to the comforter we love love love your products and you 💙

    • JohanneHolman

      Morning Charlotte, How super cute that little Charlie was so happy to receive his #gerrygiraffe, I can imagine his gorgeous little smile. It was my dream to bring ‘Dummies and Comforters to Life’ to make the early years for your little ones that little bit easier and fun, so to know we have put a smile on your gorgeous little man’s face, means my job is done. Thank you so much for sharing, have the most amazing day, Johanne x

  7. Faye (verified owner)

    Wow…. just wow!! We received Gerry in a lovely little box and my little boy just COULDNT WAIT to use him! Since getting him my little boy hasn’t put him down! It settles him through tears, bed time and even in moments of frustration! It’s super soft and well made !! Wish I knew about the dumforters sooner!! Definitely adding the rest to our collection!!! Thank you!!

    • JohanneHolman

      Wow…just wow right back at you Faye, how lovely of you to take the time to complete a review for us, thank you so so much. I absolutely love the fact that you’re little boy couldn’t wait to get his little #gerrygiraffe out of the box .. too cute, but what makes us really happy is that Gerry is helping settle him through his tears, bedtime and little moments of frustration, that’s all that matters to us. Thank you again Faye, we’re so grateful to be sharing this precious journey with you, Johanne x

  8. Beckie (verified owner)

    We love Gerry Giraffe! The dumforter is so cute! Unbelievably soft! Isabella will not nap without it now! Also makes a game of peekaboo out of it too! Such a amazing product!

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Beckie, we’re glad you (and of course your gorgeous Isabella) are loving #gerrygiraffe, he was very excited to meet her, and that’s just so cute that he’s settled in with your family so nicely, and that they’re already enjoying their little naps together. I’m sure too, that he’ll be absolutely LOVING the peekaboo games. We’re so so grateful to be sharing this journey with you, and thankful to you for discovering us, Johanne x

  9. Beth (verified owner)

    Gerry giraffe is absolutely amazing! This dumforter has saved me from sleepless nights and calms Rory straight away when he’s having a little meltdown. The teether part of the dummy is perfect and Rory knew what to do with it straight away. He loves to rub the comforter on his face to help him fall asleep. Definitely the best money I have ever spent and will eventually be buying the whole collection 😍😍

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Beth, now your review says it all, we are of course delighted that you’re loving #gerrygiraffe, however, what’s even better is that we’re saving you from sleepless nights and that your gorgeous little Rory is finding so much comfort in his little dumforter. We are so grateful to receive your feedback, and to be sharing this precious journey with you both, have a wonderful day, Johanne x

  10. Chelsey Barlow

    Gerry is a soother, teether (the dummy is made from the rubbery, bumpy texture you’d typically expect from a teether) and a comforter which is detachable 🦒 I am so impressed with this product. Its packaged beautifully, excellent quality, the teat is the perfect size and the comforter material is so soft 🥰 •
    Rosie loves it as when she naps she likes to have something soft on her face so the comforter being attached to the dummy is so ideal 😃 plus it is so cute, I can’t wait to add more to the collection 🤗 would absolutely reccomend!

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Chelsey,
      What a lovely review, thank you so much. We are delighted that your gorgeous little Rosie is loving her Gerry Giraffe. We really wanted to create something super comforting and soft for baby, so we’re genuinely so happy to know you feel we’ve absolutely achieved that, and most of all that Rosie is loving it for her nap times. It’s also important to mention, as a returning customer, if you did want to add to the collection, there is a special code in the mini-booklet that was sent with Gerry, offering you 25% off your next purchase, please do let me know if you need this to be resent to you.
      Thank you again Chelsey, we are truly loving watching little Rosie’s journey on Instagram,
      Have the most amazing day, Johanne x

  11. Danielle Chinnery (verified owner)

    firstly… WOW! I am super impressed with how soft this guy is .
    I have been wanting to purchase Gerrygiraffe for a while and took the plunge and I am so glad I did! He is adorable super soft and the dummy itself is of such good quality. I can’t wait for Ronnie to use Gerry to his full potential, but as you can see it’s fit for purpose instantly settled my little boy as he always likes things to hold on to being a breast fed baby(usually my clothing) and I am now enjoying a nice mug of camomile tea, thanks @dumforter you’ve made our afternoon that little more special

    • JohanneHolman

      Aww Danielle, this is soo lovely to see, thank you so so much for taking the time to complete a review. We are very grateful that you did decide to take the plunge, and that your gorgeous little Ronnie is already loving and comforted by his Gerry Giraffe, I am sure they will have a huge amount of fun together. We’re so grateful that you discovered us, now enjoy that well deserved Camomile Tea. Have a wonderful afternoon, Johanne x

  12. Millie Lewis (verified owner)

    Luckily I stumbled across Dumforter on Instagram! I have the Gerry Giraffe for my little boy and he loves it! He grabs it from the side of his cot every time before nap and bedtime. It’s easy to sterilise and most of all it keeps my little man happy! All designs are super cute, it was really difficult picking one! I think I’ll have to order some more! Thank you, Millie. x

    • JohanneHolman

      Aww Millie, it’s us that should be grateful to you for stumbling across our little business. We are truly delighted that your little boy is loving his Gerry Giraffe, and that it’s keeping him happy and comforted during his nap and bedtimes. Thank you, so much, for taking the time to complete a review, your feedback is very much appreciated and valued. Have a lovely evening, Johanne x

  13. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    I’m so glad we found your page, scarletts Gerry giraffe has been a massive hit, she absolutely loves it and makes bedtime so much easier. And we can’t wait to buy more

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Ashleigh, we’re of course delighted that you found our page too, and even more happy to hear that Gerry Giraffe has been a massive hit with little Scarlett, and Mummy of course, if it’s making bedtimes easier. Thank you again Ashleigh for taking the time to complete a review, we really do appreciate it. Have an amazing day, Johanne x

  14. Ashley Saether (verified owner)

    I spoke with Johanne breifly before my purchase and explain how much of a terrible time we were having with Sophia’s colic and her not taking to a dummy. I had my fingers and toes crossed for some light at the end of the tunnel and I’m pleased to annouce we found it!!!! Sophia is not only taking the dummy but is also having a good chew as shes now teething and we were pleasantly surprised with its feature to help cater with a teething baby. I would certainly recommend to mums especially ones that have tried other alternatives and failed. We didnt have high hopes as Sophia refused to take anything but then it all changed. Thankyou again soo so much.

    • JohanneHolman

      Aww Ashley, that is so amazing to hear. We are delighted that Sophia’s colic has started to settle down, I remember these painful times with my Son Harrison, and if our Dumforter has helped little Sophia, in any way, through these challenging times, that’s amazing. It was a pleasure speaking to you, and we really are grateful to you for taking the time to write such a lovely review, and we very much look forward to sharing this journey with you. Have an amazing day, Johanne x

  15. Emma Wood (verified owner)

    Gerry giraffe is our second Dumforter and he seems to be a firm favourite with my daughter. She just loves him. Ellie elephant is still getting attention too so don’t worry. We think they’re all great. ZsaZsa Zebra is next on our list!

    • JohanneHolman

      Hey Emma, we are absolutely loving seeing all the pics of your gorgeous little lady. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete a review for us, what our Customer’s (however small they are) think is of course very important to us. Thank you so so much once again, Johanne x

  16. Shannen & Harrison (verified owner)

    I’m so glad we found you, Harrison absolutely loves Gerry. The comforter is so soft which is great cause he sleeps with it up next to his face. We will definitely be ordering some more of your fantastic designs xx

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Shannen,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to complete a review for us, every Customer comment is truly valued and appreciated, especially so early on in our business. I am delighted that Baby Harrison, who by the way, might officially be our youngest newest Dumforter Baby, is loving it, and the fact that these were actually innocently invented by my Son Harrison, is really cute.
      We are so truly grateful Shannen that you found us, and look forward to sharing your journey and watching Baby Harrison grow immensely, with love, Johanne x

  17. Ruth clarke (verified owner)

    This is our 2nd dumforter love them all couldn’t decide which one to buy next lol was very hard decision but I’m very happy with my choices, I’ve shared lots of pictures and got lots of lovely comments on her dumforter and I always make sure to tell people where she’s from so thank you. Fantastic invention and super cute and handy !!

    • JohanneHolman

      Hi Ruth, we are so grateful for you now having purchased 2 Dumforter’s, and more importantly that your gorgeous little lady Frankee is loving them. We’re very grateful too that you’re constantly sharing little pics of her with them, we love to receive and share these.
      Have an amazing day Ruth, thank you again,
      Johanne x

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