Introducing Dumforter…

Dumforter born through the people closest to my heart, starting with a very innocent question ‘Mummy, why does she have to have that and that (a dummy and a comforter), why can’t she just have one?’, and so our creative juices started flowing, and so my Son Harrison and I started playing with the idea straight away, and exploring what we could call this new product and so ‘dumforter’ was born. Over the years, we have been exploring the concept and had fun watching the product evolve, and eventually now have the total satisfaction of seeing the product come to life. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!


The Crinnovator!

The original Creator and Innovator with more than 25 years experience in the Hospitality Industry, specialising in all things Sales, Marketing and Revenue. Mum of two fantastic children who are delightfully deeply involved in the creation of Dumforter


The Meticulator!

Nothing gets past Adam and his incredible attention to detail. 25+ years Commercial and General Management experience within the Manufacturing Industry, a key contributor to helping bring the product to life


The Ideator!

Concept originator. With his A Levels in Business Studies, Maths and Photography done, he’s now taking a year out to indulge in Dumforter and to travel a little doing what he loves most – Photography. Exciting times ahead.


The Nameliser!

Loves everything pretty and pink. Full of personality and creativity, Jessica has been involved in helping name the characters and deciding on the next range she’d like to see

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Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

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Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

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