Introducing Dumforter ‘in the wild’…

Our five friendly animals, all with their very own personality waiting to be adopted and at home with you.. who will you choose?

Ellie Elephant

Open, decisive, patient and wise
Grey wrinkly skin, with sad looking eyes
Wise and strong, kind and good
I eat many things, I just love my food

Pepper Panda

Looks for food at night, sleeps in the day
Gentle in strength, loves to play
Likes solidarity, and being alone
A wet bamboo forest for my home

Gerry Giraffe

Graceful, smart, confident and tall
Elegant, good looking, towering above all
Likes open spaces, space to move free
Rainforests, warm sunshine are perfect for me

Zsa Zsa Zebra

A beautiful animal black and white
A stunning coat of unique stripes
Impatient and social, wild and free
My home is the grasslands, come find me

Terry Tiger

I roam, I roar, I’m powerful and strong
Yet calm and emotional, so don’t’ get me wrong
Black and reddish stripes, a beautiful sight
Not always easy to see, more active at night