Bringing Dummies and Comforters to Life

An award-winning 3-in-1 Soother, Teether and Comforter, comforting your baby every step of the way in their early years

“It makes my baby feel cosy, comfortable and safe, and as a Mummy that makes me so happy”

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Your baby deserves the best, which is why we spent more than two years designing and refining this all-round luxury Soother Teether and Comforter 

Dumforter, the very first 3-in-1 Soother Teether and Comforter, giving your baby all of their comforting needs in one

Our fun and innovative dummies have been coated in a gorgeous soft silicon, ensuring ultimate comfort both when being sucked and pulled against your babies face, and of course when in their mouth – we all know they love to bite them

Babies are born learners, they can’t help but be curious, and what’s gorgeous to see is just how much fun they have with their chosen little character


Your baby doesn’t deserve to suffer, and to that point neither do you. Our meticulously created teether, coats the traditional dummy, but in a fun and innovative way

Babies love to bite their dummy, in the hope that it helps them soothe their sore little gums, so why not give them something that’s been purposely made for them to do that on

Each design has been carefully created, with subtle raised edges, adding to the characterisation, all to help ease the pain and discomfort of your baby’s teething

There’s a great tip here too, that really does make all the difference… pop the dummy in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before giving it to baby, and honestly it will really help cool those sore little gums down


What baby doesn’t love to touch, feel and hold something?

Our super-soft hand-made comforters, can be attached or detached, it really is up to you. Most of our babies love the comforter attached at sleep times, and genuinely has been proven to help them self-soothe. Babies seemingly love how soft it is on their gorgeous little face, and what’s truly lovely with Dumforter, our Dummy and Comforter combination, is they no longer just have a dummy, teether and comforter, they have a friend

The material is super-soft, perfectly sized and ultra-light for baby to snuggle up to and hold, and it’s a great way to end the not so funny ‘hunt the dummy in the dark’ games, as baby knows exactly where to find it at the end of their little cuddly comforter

Many mums have asked “what is this magic?”

Dumforter, all three of your baby’s comforting needs in one. Your baby deserves the best

Why Dumforter?

It seems like only yesterday that my gorgeous children were toddling around, and whilst they’re all grown-up now it makes me so proud to say that the concept of Dumforter was inspired and innocently invented by them

We are so grateful to have you discover us, and thank you so much for allowing us the privilege to be part of your very precious journey

Zsa Zsa





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Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

Voted most Pioneering Baby Comfort Product

VAT Reg No.312008170 and Company Reg No.09932561
Registered in England & Wales

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